About the program

We have collaborated with Association of Physicians of India (API) & Indian College of Physicians (ICP) for the newer version of the Beat ECG program.

ECG facilitates risk stratification and its careful interpretation is critical for timely identification and management of life-threatening heart conditions. Understanding an ECG can be demanding, crucial, and warrants an accurate reading. This program intends to provide exemplary scenarios investigated and managed by experts with right ECG interpretations.

Program highlights

  • ECG training for Consulting Physicians (CPs)
  • Twenty Four live sessions by eminent KOLs (cardiologists/electrophysiologists)
  • Live on the first friday of every month with a new Electrophysiologist and these session will be saved
  • Two exemplary cases with their ECG findings to be presented by cardiologist in every session
  • Each case will be elaborated with the patient profile, investigations with special focus on ECG, diagnosis, and management
  • ECG findings and readings are explained in detail to help the CPs in their clinical practice
  • Each session would be moderated by an eminent KOL from API
  • Certificate for attendees from API, who attend 75% or more sessions in the year
Program Director

Dr. C. Narasimhan
Head of Electrophysiology & Senior Consultant, Cardiology.
AIG Hospitals, Hyderabad

Program President

Dr. Jyotiram Pol
Professor medicine, College Medicine & Sagore Dutta Medical College of Kolkata

Program Details


Total 45 mins including QnA


Certificate from API

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